Friday, November 13, 2009


Winters can be brutal for the skin so it's very important to take care of your skin to make sure it's moisturized, hydrated and protected. Remember no matter where you're located, the weather is constantly changing and it's important to treat the skin well year round! With that being said I have compiled a list of some products to help you "winterize" you.

*If there's ever a season that causes dry, chapped lips it's the wintertime so here's a couple of my fav lip balms: Kiehl's Lip Balm love it because one application goes along way. And another fav of mine is Burt's Bees lip balm which you can pick up at your local drug store. I would advise buying a few and stashing them in your purse, at work, and in your car for emergencies!

*I have two recommendations for the body. One is Carol's Daughter Souffle Delights which is a light and fluffy cream that INTENSELY moisturizers your hands and body and a little goes a long way..TRUST! Some of the ingredients include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba oil..this is a STAPLE in my kit and if you saw my work on the cover and pages of December's ESSENCE Magazine you'll see how nicely this worked on Marjorie Harvey's skin. The other recommendation is Vaseline Cocoa Butter deep conditioning lotion which moisturizes and keep skin soft ALL day long.

*I also recommend using a eye cream in the winter because remember the skin is the thinnest around the eye area so it's delicate. Try NARS skin nourishing eye cream which nourishes and revitalizes the eye area.

*I'm loving OLAY Body thermal pedicure foot treatment because it gives amazing results instantly and works great between pedicures. Let me warn you it's self-heating so if you start feeling warm remember I told you so! It also exfoliates for soft, smooth and soothed feet. Some of the ingredients are Bora Bora sand, pumice, shea butter and micro-crystals.

*So after you treat your feet then proceed with LAMISILK Intensive Foot Therapy Hydrate daily cream. This stuff rocks so happy my cousin put me to this! This cream sooths dry and rough skin like nobody's business!

*Now for the best part..facial moisturizer! I have so many recommendations for facial moisturizers so I'll share two for now. One is Amala Hydrating face cream which quenches dry, dull skin to the fullest! Some of the ingredients are Jasmine, Avocado & Macadamia Nut which restores elasticity and protects skin from dehydration...yummy! Also Carol's Daugther has a face cream that is great for extremely dry, blotchy skin..and you only need a tiny bit!

Happy shopping and please don't forget your hair care needs as the weather affects the scalp and hair folicles as well!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wanna be a makeup artist....some helpful advice!

Do as many "test" photo shoots as possible, practice on your friends, family...and anyone you can hold down!

Touch every skin tone and skin type you you don't limit your ability.
Learn the basics- fundamentals are the building blocks to a great career. Colour theory, contouring, skin science and trends.

Say YES to as much work as you can...don't forget to look at every situation as an opportunity for growth!

Stay inspired by looking at magazines, movies, paintings basically anything visual that makes me want to get out a makeup brush and experiment.
Be patient because Rome wasn't built in a day.

Master the technique of blending as it's the key to a flawless application!
Humility because there are so many highs and lows in this industry, and there is always something to learn..stay open for feedback.

Work for the EXPERIENCE and not for the money when your first starting out! The money will come later when you have the experience and skills to back it up.
I think you need to be passionate about makeup, provide superior service and network, network and then network some more!

Take as many makeup classes as you can and also working behind the makeup counter is always a plus.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Products that make me happy!

Finally...some of my FAVORITES!!!

1. Cetaphil soap is the absolute BEST for cleansing your skin..and the best part about it can get at Walgreens for less than $5.00.
2. I LOVE Dior DiorShow Mascara in you the longest and thickest lashes evaaaaaaaa!!
3. Kiehl's Lip Balm is great for protecting the lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather...luv.
4. One of my favorite highlighters...Nars Sertao Blush..soft and still gives you a nice glow to your skin.
5. I love all lipglosses however, I LOVE Yves Saint Laurent's glosses...the best and they make your lips sparkle!!
6. Tarte Cosmetics has this purple eyelash curler that has the softest squeeze you don't have to be afraid of!!
7. MY ALL-TIME favorite is Bobbi Brown's Long wear gel kit NEVER leaves home without it!!! (use 266 brush from MAC to give you the cat eye)
8. Espresso eyeshadow by MAC is what I use to fill in my signature brows..don't forget that 266 brush!!
9. I adore Nar's cream eyeshadows when used as a base it helps the eyeshadow pop.
10. I also love Dior's Black eyeliner...the blackest you have ever seen!!

I'm sure I use most of my favorites everytime I paint a view more of my's simple..go to my website

Happy shopping!!

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Here's 8 makeup tips


To make lips look fuller try using shimmery lipsticks/lipglosses

Always apply foundation in thin layers, little by little, rather than one thick unnatural layer

Always moisturize your skin before applying powder foundations for a smoother application

In the winter use a heavier moisturizer at least at night for extra hydration as the weather conditions can leave your skin dry

When using lipliners always apply lip conditioners first for smoother application and your lipliner will blend easier

Always set your liquid/cream foundations with a blot powder to seal in the makeup and for a longer lasting application

Try using a blue eyeliner instead of black on the water line to really pop the eyes

To treat puffy eyes try rubbing an icecube over your eyes to decrease puffiness

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Essence Magazine Dec. Cover Shoot

When I got the call, I was elated as this would be my 3rd ESSENCE cover not to mention my favorite magazine! To top it off Mikki Taylor called me to discuss the specifics of the shoot...what an honor! The shoot took place in the Harvey's home which was amazing!

When I first met Marjorie Harvey I knew this was gonna be a fun photoshoot! She has a great personality and she was equally excited to grace the cover of Essence. The Harvey's had amazing chemistry and we all felt the love they had with one another. The pictures don't lie! I wish nothing but the best for this awesome, power couple! LOVE...

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Lee Daniels-Gabourney Sidible

So when I got the call stating I would be working with Lee Daniels the Director of the highly anticipated film "Precious" as well as Gabby who stars as "Precious" in the film, I was elated! She had the most amazing skin and had the most bubbly personality. Lee was warm, funny and very passionate about his latest project, "Precious". After seeing the movie at the screening, I can attest, this was the film of the year. This movie deserves all the attention that it receives. I give it 4 stars!! Congrats and I can't wait to work with them both soon.

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Fashion Week Spring 2010

NY Fashion Week!

There are no words to express what I was feeling backstage...well I guess it was TONS of words!! It was the most thrilling, exhilarating, spine-tingling experience ever. It's everything you imagine like tons of people stepping on toes because it's so crowded, cameras flashing, video crews, makeup, hair, models, models and more models.

This is an experience that I would recommend every artist encounter. The two shows I worked were Peter Som and the Argentinean Designers Collections. Some of the products we used to create pretty faces for Peter Som were all by MAC: We used Red Violet pro eyeshadow on the lid, we used a bright coral blush which is not yet named on the apples of the cheeks then blended into the temples, 2 coats of mascara, Fascinating eye kohl on the water line and soft matte pink lips.

For the Argentinean Collection we used Mulch eyeshadow to smoke the eyes and Teddy eye kohl with layers of mascara. Both great looks!

Check out me in the video lol

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Increases lash volume by 430%

So I recently attended a beauty networking event on the roof top of the Park Hyatt at the FAB NoMI restaurant. The weather was amazing and the conversation was all beauty. At the conclusion of the event we were given goody bags loaded with products that I couldn't wait to try out. What caught my eye was this cute faux mascara packaging, so I decided to switch mascaras the next day to give it a try.

OMG we are a perfect match, lights, camera, lashes is the best! My lashes were instantly thickened, nicely curled, and super long I might add. The formula is also my favorite because it nicely moistened my lashes.

Here's some of the reasons I fell in love:

Increases lash volume by 430%
Rice Bran and Carnauba wax which aids in extending lashes
Pro Vitamin B5 helps give the appearance of thicker lashes
Natural Olive conditions lases

I also found the mascara easy to remove at the end of the night. I suggest using OLAY Regenerist Eye Make-up Remover which is loaded with a anti-wrinkle treatment.

FYI...don't forget to first curl your lashes with my all time favorite lash curler Tarte's "Picture Perfect" lash curler.


Oprah's 24th Season Kickoff

"What a great day"

Waking up in my hotel room refreshed and anticipating beautifying Jennifer Hudson for Oprah's 24th SEASON KICKOFF. The crowd was electric, the staff was professional and on point for this great day.

I had the opportunity of being on stage for Jenn's rehearsal earlier that afternoon and recall feeling the atmosphere was electic and the weather was perfect. Even during rehearsals the crowd was massive and highly anticipating this event. Chicago had a front row seat into history.

I remember thinking as I looked over the masses of people that, OPRAH shut down Michigan Avenue....enough said. Jennifer gave an energy filled performance and the crowd responded!

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My "Dr. Hauschka Beauty Event"

The invitations were sent out, flight arrangements were made, the caterer was secured and it finally was the day that I would become an Ambassador of Dr. Hauschka!

I was introduced to their amazing skincare through one of my favorite clients Jennifer Hudson. We were traveling heavily on the Dreamgirl Tour and we needed a product that would nourish and keep her skin camera ready and Dr. Hauschka's products did not disappoint.

It's getting closer to event time and the doorbell rings, and I'm greeted by Dr. Hauschka's Director of PR, a camera crew and a Dr. Hauschka Esthetician to walk us through the event. Without wasting any time the camera crew set up and I was ready for my close up and on-camera interview. So glad my lil Sis Lutonya from, who by the way is a pro in front of the camera, was standing by rooting me on and giving out FAB tips to get me through.

One by one all of my friends started arriving and feasting on an array of organic foods just like all of Dr. Hauschka's skincare products. So we finally got in position to learn the skincare "Protocol" by a hands on demonstration, which we all loved and needed. All of my friends work hard so a lil pampering is just what we all needed.

Overall, we all enjoyed our experience and I was happy to share a glimpse of why I love Dr. Hauschka's products. At the end of the event we all had a fabulous time and none left empty handed! Another delightful day of beauty.

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Backstage Pass to "my" UPTOWN Magazine Photoshoot

I was at a photoshoot when I received the email from UPTOWN Magazines NY Editor stating, "we have been following your career for sometime now and would like to feature you in our August Issue." I was boiling over with JOY! So as the weeks rolled by we set up a date along with a photographer to capture the moment.

Day of shoot every emotion crept in from excitement, thankfulness and nervousness! When I pulled up at the fabulous studio the first happy face I saw was my hairstylist Rukey Styles, who unbeknowest to her eased my worry a bit. As we got closer to the studio the butterflies were definitely flying!

As I looked around and saw "my" hairstylist, fashion stylist and Michael the photographer running around preparing the day for me, reality sunk in, the cameras are now being turned on me....LIGHTS, CAMERAS, TIA!

Follow me behind the scenes.....

Click Here to View The Video

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