Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My "Dr. Hauschka Beauty Event"

The invitations were sent out, flight arrangements were made, the caterer was secured and it finally was the day that I would become an Ambassador of Dr. Hauschka!

I was introduced to their amazing skincare through one of my favorite clients Jennifer Hudson. We were traveling heavily on the Dreamgirl Tour and we needed a product that would nourish and keep her skin camera ready and Dr. Hauschka's products did not disappoint.

It's getting closer to event time and the doorbell rings, and I'm greeted by Dr. Hauschka's Director of PR, a camera crew and a Dr. Hauschka Esthetician to walk us through the event. Without wasting any time the camera crew set up and I was ready for my close up and on-camera interview. So glad my lil Sis Lutonya from, who by the way is a pro in front of the camera, was standing by rooting me on and giving out FAB tips to get me through.

One by one all of my friends started arriving and feasting on an array of organic foods just like all of Dr. Hauschka's skincare products. So we finally got in position to learn the skincare "Protocol" by a hands on demonstration, which we all loved and needed. All of my friends work hard so a lil pampering is just what we all needed.

Overall, we all enjoyed our experience and I was happy to share a glimpse of why I love Dr. Hauschka's products. At the end of the event we all had a fabulous time and none left empty handed! Another delightful day of beauty.

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