Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Maxwell For GQ!


I was elated when I found out GQ wanted to do a four-page spread with Maxwell. This would be my second time workin with GQ, my 1st was with President Barack Obama and I was even more excited when some of the same crew I worked with before was present for Maxwell's shoot.

The photoshoot took place at the amazing MILK studios in NYC. We had great food, an amazing view and Maxwell had the music going to set the mood. There were many clothes, shoes, hats and belts awaiting to catch Maxwell's eye.

They agreed on some hot looks and the overall shoot was a great success. After seeing April's issue of GQ on the newsstands at the airport, a huge smile came across my face anticipating the end it! Here's some behind the scene pictures and some pics I copied from blogsite. GO pick it UP!!

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Tips For Brides To Be!!

So TIS the season to get "MARRIED" and I have been getting calls from Bride's who are choosing Beautiful, Destination Weddings! I'm really excited and looking forward to creating specific looks for my brides that will be beautiful, flawless and long-lasting. With that being said here's some tips to achieving the picture perfect look for your "special" day whether you hire a professional Makeup Artist or DIY!

*Always want to make sure your makeup look is classic so when you look at your pictures 10 years from look timeless!

*Seek out a professional Makeup Artist at least six months in advance to lock them in via contract and deposit.

*Use face primers, lash primers and lip primers to prep the skin for foundation, water-proof mascara for lashes and staying power lipstick. This aids in keeping your makeup in place.

*Tear out your favorite makeup looks from magazines for ideas.
Request your Makeup Artist use water-proof products on your face to ensure a flawless, long-lasting look.

*Always request a trial run-through so you can approve of the overall look your Artist has created.

*Facials, microdermabrasion and other facials should be done at one month before your big day to ensure your beautiful skin has been restored.

*Drink lots of H2O leading up to your big day.

*You have to wear a set of beautiful faux eyelashes to give your eyes a pop!

*Make sure you set your concearler/foundation with a sheer pressed powder or blot powder to control the shine.

*To make your lipstick last longer, using a lip pencil shade into the lip 1st then add your lipstick topped with a gloss for some added glimmer in the center of your lip.

*Never change up your skincare regimine weeks before your wedding, to avoid allergic reactions.

*Make sure your cleansing and moisturizing twice a day because with anything consistency is the key.

*Don't be afraid of a little color, being glammed takes a little work so feel the pretty.

Don't forget your touch-up kit that you assign to a VIP to carry around....just in case you need to add some color to your lips or you need to refreshen up with a blot powder, or mints.

Remember this day is ALL ABOUT YOU so be confident and put on your BEST FACE!

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