Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grammy TIME!!

So as soon as I touched down in LA, I hit the ground running. So glad I had a couple of hours to play with before work so I could dine at one of my "spots" that I frequent when I'm in town, which I might add, is very often:). I had lots to do in preparation for the big night (Grammy's nite that is). I had 2 makeup boxes waiting at the hotel upon check-in and I had the opportunity of picking up some of my favs at a makeup counter. I had to discuss the looks for the different events, worked on Maxwell's upcoming video, Fistful of Tears, TV appearances and only one free day in seven days. Yikes!

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One of my favorite events of the year is the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Event at the Beverly Hilton. And this year was all the more special because I had not one client, but two clients performing both Jennifer Hudson and Maxwell. The both looked great and sounded amazing!

Finally...Grammy time and my day got started early. We headed over to the Staples Center and straight to the dressing room to get started. Jennifer's dressing room was next door to Celine, and Carrie Underwood's..so we were surrounded with beautiful voices. All in all, I believe the night was a success and both my clients did amazing. Maxwell had 6 nominations and left with 2! YAY...

I didn't walk away with an award however, when I found out Jennifer's makeup was rated the best of night from one hot beauty blog, it was as if I gotten a Grammy:) Big thanks for the shoutout! Here's the link: http://shine.yahoo.com/event/the-thread/grammy-makeup-report-card-578081/#comments

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