Saturday, November 21, 2009

DIOR'S HOLIDAY SET's no secret that Dior is one of my fave makeup lines so with that said, I just had to see what they were serving up this Christmas. So feast your eyes...

Dior's Christmas collection reveals yummy colors in purples, lilacs, pastels and a blinged out lipgloss pendant. The purples are rich in color and the eyeshadow quads are always the perfect sheen to the eyelids. Love the holiday quad because you can mix and match the colors to achieve your own holiday creation. The nail polish is the added touch to perfectly manicured nails. Overall, out of the entire set I'm loving the eyeshadow quad, the single eyeshadow and the nail polish. Oh last but not least is the star product of the Christmas set, the lipgloss pendant studded with swarovski crystals which is limited worth the purchase!


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I love a great scrub! So I wanted to share a few of my favorite scrubs which I adore because the results are satisfying. You want to reveal gorgeous, smooth skin...look no further!

I absolutely love Sara Happ Lip Scrub which can be found in my makeup kit! It has a sugar base infused with natural ingredients like peppermint, vanilla and more. It
is available in 5 flavors. My fave is the Brown Sugar flavor...give it a try!

Next up a facial scrub I've been wearing for ages. St. Ives Apricot Scrub which I use on a regular basis to clear away dull, dry skin. Results are visible instantly and I find it not to be abrasive for the skin. The best part is you won't break the bank because it's under $5 and very easy to find at your local drugstore. Also kudos to St. Ives for the great new packaging!

Ahhhh time for the body scrub. Origins Incredible Spreadable Scrub is a great body scrub with ingredients like white & brown sugars to buff away rough skin, while olive oil hydrates dry skin. This scrub leaves your skin silky and smooth and the warming aroma of ginger is just enough to give you a fresh feeling all over.

After applying body scrubs make sure you follow with a moisturizer to continue the hydrating process. These also make great holiday gift sets!



Monday, November 16, 2009


Start off by curling your lashes with my fave lash curler by Tarte (as shown on a previous post). This eye lash curler is so soft and gentle which allows you to get the perfect pain free curl. The other great benefit in curling your lashes 1st it really "opens" your eyes and makes them appear larger and brighter.

Next apply your 1st coat of mascara and remember if the wand has excess mascara on it take a tissue and gently remove excess product then proceed at the base of your lashes. Starting at the base will give you more definition which makes your lashes appear thicker and gives the illusion of longer lashes.

Another great tip to make the lashes stand out is to blink onto the brush a couple of times to give the ends an extra coat.

For extra drama add a lash primer and a second coat of mascara.

Also love colored mascaras for a different look. I wore a green mascara yesterday by Dr. Haushcha and I loved the look. Blue mascara just on the very tips of your lashes opens and brightens the eyes. Be daring and give it a try!

For lower lashes I love Maybeline's Lash Discovery because it has the cutest, smallest brush ever and it gives alot of definition to the lashes for a more dramatic look.

*Mascara's shelf life is 3 months however, if you ever smell and odor or the formula starts to dry...PLEASE DISREGARD!

My Fave eye make-up remover is by OLAY Regenerist which has an anti-wrinkle treatment to help smooth and hydrate to regenerate skin's appearance around the eyes.

*MUA Tip for cleaning spoolies (disposable mascara wands) soak wands in Olay's eye makeup remover then spray with alcohol for xtra sanitation.

*For eyeglass wearers, please let your lashes dry before you put on your glasses.


Tarte's Lights, Camera, Action
Lancome Fatale
Yves St Laurent Volume Effet
L'Oreal Paris Telescopic


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"It's Not Enough to Dream"

So I had a speaking engagement this past weekend for "It's Not Enough to Dream" Woman's Seminar, and I must say, It was amazing. As I was preparing my 45 minute speech, I became overwhelmed by emotion as I looked over the heights that God has taken me to in this short amount of time.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to share, inspire and encourage these business Woman on their paths. I commend Bridgette and Andrienne for providing the platform for Women to come together to network and build each other up.

It felt so good releasing and sharing where hard work and determination can lead you too. And I got a chance to meet some of my twitter fam!
Join Me Today!!

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