Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breakfast In Barbados

I traveled to Barbados with Jennifer Hudson for CHUM FM (Toronto) "Breakfast In Barbados Concert", and boy did we have a ball. Glam really pulled together to come up with Caribbean inspired looks to make sure JHUD was "supermodel" ready. Each day was filled with press, radio & TV interviews with the grand finale being a concert. Jenn performed, Maroon 5, Suzie McNeil and "David Otunga Jr" lol. Lil David surprised Mom and came out on stage with his microphone and joined in as she belted out songs from her new CD, "I Remember Me"..and the crowd roared! Here's some footage from the concert...

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My Work On The Beautiful Sherri Shepherd

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to glam up Sherri Shepherd for the Common Ground Gala in Chicago. Sherri, along with Keke Palmer, and Maya Angelou were the honorees of the evening.

I knew Sherri would be walking the red carpet with tons of photo ops so I did an exaggerated cat eye to really carve out the shape of her eyes with a soft goldtone eyeshadow to catch the flash. Her finished look was simple yet elegant. She was an absolute sweetheart and her face was the perfect canvas to create a masterpiece. Here are some pictures from the event.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Skincare Regimen

I'm so excited to share my new daily skincare regimen with you! So let me start off by announcing that I absolutely embrace great skincare habits, as I'm sure you've heard me tweet about:). Of course, I am a Makeup Artist, however, I believe a flawless application starts with great skin. So I constantly encourage everybody to take good care of your skin. With that said, my skin started to really rebel and my pores started to get clogged hence lots of hyperpigmentation...which I detest! So I paid a visit to a great Esthetician who spent three hours perfecting, reversing and creating skin I could live in. She gave me some great pointers to add to my daily process.

With that said, I felt the need to embrace a new system so I decided to give PCA skin a try. When I tell you I believe I have hit the jackpot, please believe me! I've been using the Pigment Bar, which is excellent cleanser also great for controlling blemish breakouts & discolorations. Next, I use C-Quench antioxidant serum which helps to lighten, tighten and brighten the skin. Loaded with Vitamin C which helps fight free radical damage and witch hazel to cleanse & tone the skin. Then I use their brightening therapy with truetone which reduces & prevents all types of hyperpigmentation issues. I follow with Amala Beauty's organic hydrating eye treatment which is loaded with jasmine, avocado, & eyebright to soothe, protect and calm. Lastly, I use PCA's ReBalance nighttime nourishing treatment with ingredients that stimulate cell growth naturally. I also have the purifying mask by PCA however, I haven't used it yet. So far I'm on the third day of the "new system" and my face is really glowing. I will keep using this system and report back in one month for updates. In the daytime always use a moisturizer with SPF in it to protect your skin.

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Ask Tia Tuesday

Today's Ask Tia Tuesday is from Quanna S. Quana asks:

Hello Tia,
My question is, what is the best type of facial scrub I can use. My face has been very dry lately and I'm pretty sure my pores are clogged. I don't wear makeup very often. I've tried a few different soaps, cleansers and lotions, but none have worked so far. What can I do to get my face soft and smooth again?

Hi Quanna! Although, I am not an Esthetician I would be more than happy to give you some advice to hopefully get you some better results. I would first recommend drinking more H2O to keep the skin hydrated. You mentioned the need for a facial scrub and I have the perfect one for you it's by Aveeno, which is an amazing scrub that's gentle and non-abrasive to the skin. Definitely make sure to moisturize your skin twice a day to keep your skin hydrated. Since you mentioned clogged pores, I would look into getting a skin analysis at a spa so you can get specialty treatment. Hope my bit of advice helps!

If you have a makeup question that you'd like me to answer, send it to and it just might be chosen for an upcoming post.

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