Friday, November 13, 2009


Winters can be brutal for the skin so it's very important to take care of your skin to make sure it's moisturized, hydrated and protected. Remember no matter where you're located, the weather is constantly changing and it's important to treat the skin well year round! With that being said I have compiled a list of some products to help you "winterize" you.

*If there's ever a season that causes dry, chapped lips it's the wintertime so here's a couple of my fav lip balms: Kiehl's Lip Balm love it because one application goes along way. And another fav of mine is Burt's Bees lip balm which you can pick up at your local drug store. I would advise buying a few and stashing them in your purse, at work, and in your car for emergencies!

*I have two recommendations for the body. One is Carol's Daughter Souffle Delights which is a light and fluffy cream that INTENSELY moisturizers your hands and body and a little goes a long way..TRUST! Some of the ingredients include Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba oil..this is a STAPLE in my kit and if you saw my work on the cover and pages of December's ESSENCE Magazine you'll see how nicely this worked on Marjorie Harvey's skin. The other recommendation is Vaseline Cocoa Butter deep conditioning lotion which moisturizes and keep skin soft ALL day long.

*I also recommend using a eye cream in the winter because remember the skin is the thinnest around the eye area so it's delicate. Try NARS skin nourishing eye cream which nourishes and revitalizes the eye area.

*I'm loving OLAY Body thermal pedicure foot treatment because it gives amazing results instantly and works great between pedicures. Let me warn you it's self-heating so if you start feeling warm remember I told you so! It also exfoliates for soft, smooth and soothed feet. Some of the ingredients are Bora Bora sand, pumice, shea butter and micro-crystals.

*So after you treat your feet then proceed with LAMISILK Intensive Foot Therapy Hydrate daily cream. This stuff rocks so happy my cousin put me to this! This cream sooths dry and rough skin like nobody's business!

*Now for the best part..facial moisturizer! I have so many recommendations for facial moisturizers so I'll share two for now. One is Amala Hydrating face cream which quenches dry, dull skin to the fullest! Some of the ingredients are Jasmine, Avocado & Macadamia Nut which restores elasticity and protects skin from dehydration...yummy! Also Carol's Daugther has a face cream that is great for extremely dry, blotchy skin..and you only need a tiny bit!

Happy shopping and please don't forget your hair care needs as the weather affects the scalp and hair folicles as well!

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