Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Backstage Pass to "my" UPTOWN Magazine Photoshoot

I was at a photoshoot when I received the email from UPTOWN Magazines NY Editor stating, "we have been following your career for sometime now and would like to feature you in our August Issue." I was boiling over with JOY! So as the weeks rolled by we set up a date along with a photographer to capture the moment.

Day of shoot every emotion crept in from excitement, thankfulness and nervousness! When I pulled up at the fabulous studio the first happy face I saw was my hairstylist Rukey Styles, who unbeknowest to her eased my worry a bit. As we got closer to the studio the butterflies were definitely flying!

As I looked around and saw "my" hairstylist, fashion stylist and Michael the photographer running around preparing the day for me, reality sunk in, the cameras are now being turned on me....LIGHTS, CAMERAS, TIA!

Follow me behind the scenes.....

Click Here to View The Video

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