Friday, October 8, 2010

Entertainment Weekly Roots Reunion: The Experience of a Lifetime

Seeing Super Photographer Peggy Sirota's office number on my caller ID instantly had me anticipating the reason for the call.I couldn't believe my ears. I was asked to be apart of a "Roots" reunion photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly! The "Roots" mini-series aired for the very first time in January of 1977 . “Roots” was an absolute sensation in the United States, it vividly illustrated the turmoil and anguish of slavery that we all read about in history books. It was one of the most memorable mini-series in television history!
Well, of course I knew this photo shoot would be epic so I had to be there. I hopped on a plane the next day and walked on set only to be greeted by Louis Gossett Jr. We had such a engaging conversation about "Roots", my hometown of Gary, IN, and so much more. Witnessing the actual reunion was so electrifying and genuine..what a sight to see. LeVar Burton, Ben Vereen and Louis Gossett Jr., definitely turned up the heat on this photoshoot. They laughed, danced and sung the entire time, which kept smiles on the faces of all who witnessed this harmony. This was such a great shoot. One that I will not soon forget! Here's a few shots backstage..

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