Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OUT with the old IN with the new!

With each "new" season it's a great time to revive and restock our makeup bags. It's also a great time to hit the makeup counters to stock up on fall colors to compliment our fall wardrobe. Now is the time to remove and toss cracked makeup that you've been secretly saving & using, toss expired mascara that's half way dried out and do away with "summer" foundation fit for a tan.

Some of your favorites stores have the cutest makeup bags so you can start fresh like the "new" season for less than $10. This is one sure way to embrace a "new" season. Happy FALL!

Tia Dantzler- Celebrity Makeup Artist



Fall 2010 MakeUP Trends

I am loving the Fall inspired makeup trends! This season it's all centered around the royal color PURPLE. That's one great reason to celebrate because there are so many different hues of purple, and they range from cool to warm tones so everybody can rock purple and wear it well. Some other popular trends this season vary from frosty metallic, bright shimmers to bold matte jewel tones to intense smoky eyes using blacks, grays and deep Burgundy.

I'm loving this "RED LIP" vibe that's sweeping from coast to coast. There's nothing like experimenting and discovering the perfect red lipstick to match your skintone. There is sure to be one waiting patiently to be discovered by you. When you rock a red lip you have to wear it with confidence and let your lips be the main focus on your face, so minimize your other features to maximize this "BOLD" red lip. Also, red lipsticks with blue undertones makes your lips look whiter and brighter which is another reason we should indulge ourselves and wear red.

One of my favorite things to do is get a weekly manicure. I like to have fun and rock bold colors on my nails so I'm super excited to see all the purples and burgandy colors make it into some of my favorite cosmetic lines.


Jennifer Hudson's Gospel B-Day Celebration

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When I heard details about Jenn's event I got a vision of how awesome this night would be. She also warned me to bring some tissue because there was not one dry eye in rehearsals so I made sure to comply. From Shirley Murdock, Walt Whitman & The Soul Children, Ricky Dillard & New G, Kelly Price, The Nichol Sisters were just some of the amazing singers that took the stage and rounding out the night was a performance by Jennifer Hudson herself. The atmosphere was ready and I'm certain everybody left feeling refreshed & restored in some way.

Jenn had two amazing purple dresses and since she was wearing her favorite color I decided to really play up her eyes with purples and Burgundy hues. I kept her overall pretty natural because there were no cameras and I wanted her to feel comfortable yet chic all at the same time. Her reaction to her "look" was priceless as she had not seen herself in glam makeup since before filming in Africa for 4 months. I was so happy to just be apart of the audience because I definitely left feel inspired! Here's a few pictures....

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Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Destination & Beautiful Makeup =Beautiful Results

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This summer has been a blast! Had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to beautify one my special clients. When the Bride-to-Be called me to announce her engagement, I just knew this would be a night not soon forgotten. Every detail of her special day was carefully thought out even to the smallest details. Rebecca allowed me to create the perfect "beach wedding" glow. 

I wanted her skin to glow with the sun, her eyes to pop under the veil and her cheeks lightly carved to enhance her beautiful smile. After seeing Rebecca walk down the white sandy beaches to meet her groom all I could do was smile because my mission was accomplished.  Her hair was amazing and her dress was trimmed with delicate lace and the end results were simplicity.

The reception was 2nd to none, the food was superb and they had a DJ from back in the states make the perfect reception CD, so we danced until our heels got tired.  O what a night:) Here's a few pictures of the Wedding and Rebecca's bachelorate party. Enjoy!

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