Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ask Tia Tuesday

Today’s question is from Paula M. Paula asks:

I'm a working mom with limited time in the morning. What do you suggest as a makeup routine that will leave me looking great, but that I can get done in my very sparse morning minutes?

I can definitely attest to wanting to look cute & polished with limited time restraints. Start off by prepping your canvas with moisturizer to hydrate the skin and help foundation glide on with ease. If you have troubled spots on your face, I would dab a concealer closer to your skin tone for a flawless look. Next, apply your powder foundation with a large fluffy brush to give you an airbrushed look. This next product I believe every Woman should own and wear is mascara as its a simple process with dramatic results. Building on two coats of mascara really opens your eyes and gives great definition. Lightly dust some bronzer on your cheeks to bring life to your face and it also adds a pop of color. Lastly, add some tinted lip conditioner or lipgloss to your lips to finish off your look.

Thanks for your question, Paula! If you have a question you’d like me to answer please send it to asktiatuesday@gmail.com and it could be selected for my blog!

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