Friday, October 29, 2010

Lip Service

When purchasing the "perfect" lipgloss, there are alot of important factors to consider like the staying power, the shine effect, the taste, smell, lip applicators and the texture of course.

This Fall and Winter season, lip colors will be both vibrant and natural. The hottest colors this season are plums, burgundy, red, deep fuchsia and soft neutrals. The best lipgloss in my opinion, has the kissable factor, where lips are shiny, sexy and vibrant. With fuller lips, stick with glosses that aren't as glossy in appearance and if you want to enhance your lips, pop a lighter color gloss in the center for an instant pout. Be sure to wear a lip conditioner with an spf in it to protect those luscious lips against the cold, then prime the lips for staying power, and lastly always remember to refresh your lipgloss at least every 3 hours to avoid the white line buildup on your lips.

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