Monday, November 15, 2010

All about the Bag!

'Tis the season where it's all about the glitz & glam! So I wanted to talk about how we can showcase our makeup must-haves in cute little trendy, sparkly bags. The most important part of carrying a cute makeup bag is keeping your makeup in tact & clean. So here's some ways you can keep your makeup bags cute, clean and clutter free. Put cotton balls inside your single eyeshadows and please cut balls to fit, this will keep eyeshadow secure & break free. Also, figure out exactly what you will need in your bag so avoid clutter. Make sure all of your tops are securely tightened to avoid a mess that you will definitely regret. I would not suggest carrying around loose pigments in your makeup bags to avoid spillage. For your sponges, I would suggest finding a small old velvet bracelet bag to keep new sponges in to avoid the spread of bacteria within the bag. Also, please keep your brushes in a small brush bag to keep everything clean & looking its best. Some of my favorite makeup bags can be found at your local drug stores, target, sephora stores, tory burch and online. Here's a snapshot of my current makeup bag...loving my LV bag. Have fun with your makeup bags and what a great gift-giving idea...hint hint!

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