Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ask Tia Tuesday

Today's question is from Maria S. Maria asks:

What's the best tip for applying eyeliner on the top eyelids? And what type is the best to use? I always try and it looks a mess! Jennifer Hudson's eyeliner always looks fab! Please help!

Thanks for the question Maria! I would say one of the tricks to applying liquid/gel liner to your eyes is a steady hand and practice. My favorite product to use when creating Jennifer Hudson's cat eyes is Bobbi Brown's cream gel liner in Black Ink. I absolutely love this product because it doesn't dry quickly which gives you time to perfect your liner. Try using an angle brush to give you control and the perfect line. 

If you have a makeup question that you'd like me to answer, please send it to asktiatuesday@gmail.com and it might be chosen for a post!

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