Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lips That Last All Day

If you are on the go like me, you want makeup that lasts all day. A great way to achieve a long-lasting, natural look for your lips is using a lip stain. Lips stains are perfect for giving your lips a touch of color and can be worn matte or with a little sheen.

The key to flawlessly rocking a lip stain is starting off with a smooth palette. I suggest lightly exfoliating your lips the night before and sleeping with a balm (not lip gloss)on your lips. In the morning put on a bit more balm and proceed to apply your lip stain lightly and evenly and allow it to fully dry. If you like a bit of sheen to your lips you can add a dab of clear gloss. Voila! You've got lips that will last all day!

You can find lip stains at your local Sephora or drugstore. They come in a variety of shades to suit any complexion.



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