Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ask Tia Tuesday

Today's Ask Tia Tuesday question is from Keri K. Keri asks:

I recently invested in a makeup brush set. How often should I wash my brushes and what should I use clean them with? 

Hi Keri! Thanks for your question. Makeup brushes help you create a flawless makeup application but require proper cleansing and care. Your brushes should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Not cleaning your makeup brushes properly can cause breakouts as a result of bacteria that can build-up on the bristles. You can purchase a makeup brush cleaner or you may use a gentle shampoo to ensure that your makeup brushes are clean and bacteria-free.

Cleaning makeup brushes is a very simple process: 

  • Run the bristles of your makeup brushes under warm water until they are saturated.
  • Add a dime-sized amount of brush cleaner or shampoo into each brush and gently work into the bristles until you create a light lather. 
  • Thoroughly rinse the bristles of each brush under warm water. While rinsing, you'll notice traces of old makeup in the water. Continue to rinse each brush until the water runs clear.
  • Gently remove excess water from each brush. 
  • Lay brushes flat to dry.

Voila! You've got clean brushes. :)



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